Lakeridge Luau Homecoming 2k15


Ryan Moll, Editor

School is up and running again, and along with that comes Lakeridge’s annual homecoming week. Filled with spirit days and fun events, the week is intended to get people hyped for the Friday’s big game, and to build spirit for the coming school year.

Things get started with the Homecoming Assembly. Run by the assembly directors, the homecoming involved a video and talking about the weeks events, in order to inform the school about what’s to come. This year, the assembly was a crossover with the back to school assembly, meaning this year’s assembly features two videos: the back to school video, and the homecoming video. Tech director James Griffith headed these videos, producing them for the school.

Each day of the week was a spirit day, which encouraged students to get dressed up in spirit gear. The most popular of these days was Friday’s floral Friday, which had students donning Hawaiian print shirts and flowery leis. This was in accordance with the theme of Friday’s dance which was a luau.

Hosted by the Sophomore class, this year’s homecoming dance was a bit of a twist on the traditional. There was a Hawaiian buffet catered outside before the dance and dance tickets were sold in conjunction with buffet tickets. This meant students could feast on pork and macaroni salad before having a good time at the dance.

The annual favorite homecoming event is the homecoming parade, which brings together the entire Lake Oswego community with the school. Students get to ride in floats and promote their activities while residents get to come out and watch. Furthermore students like the early release that comes along with it.

Finally, the climax of homecoming week was the homecoming football game. Though a disappointing loss to Camby, the team played hard and everyone was out at the game showing their support.

A week that will be remembered for all involved, homecoming is a fun tradition that unites the school to provide a good time for everyone.