Behind the Scenes of LHS Morp

Kenzie Hudler, Staff Reporter


A majority of Lakeridge students had the pleasure of stepping “Into the Wardrobe” at this year’s MORP dance. However, most Pacers don’t fully understand the effort and hard work that occur to make MORP a success every year. After getting a “behind the scenes” look at what it really takes to make MORP happen, the senior officers on Lakeridge ASB clearly had their work cut out for them.

Some may wonder what inspired senior officers of ASB, Sam Levin, Ryan Moll, Annie Mayfield, and ambassadors Nick Eaton and Hendrik Struik, to base this year’s MORP off of a well-known film called “Narnia.”

“The overall consensus was that people liked “Narnia” as a theme. We tried to put a twist on the classic “Winter Wonderland” theme” said Annie Mayfield, senior at LHS.

After carefully choosing a theme that all the seniors on ASB agreed upon, they had to make sure the location they had in mind would perfectly encapsulate the mystical theme behind “Narnia.” In the end, the group decided on a venue called Castaway, which is located in the heart of Downtown Portland.

While choosing the right theme and location to compliment each other are fairly obvious parts to planning MORP, there are far more details and aspects of planning that go into organizing the final result.

“There’s a lot of little stuff that people who aren’t in ASB might take for granted or not consider, like ironing the table cloths and bringing water. But mostly just the time and effort that is put in by ASB and parents/chaperones to make it all happen,” said Sam Levin, senior at LHS.

Most Pacers wouldn’t know the true attention to detail and effort that it takes to plan a formal dance like this. But overall, the work put in is always worth it after seeing the finished product.

“MORP, like all dances, takes a lot of planning. Believe it or not, we start planning and trying to look at locations during summer break” said Mayfield.

After getting a closer look behind the small, but essential details that really tie MORP together, it’s clear that the senior officers of Lakeridge ASB put in a lot more time and effort than most Pacers give them credit for.