Portland Timbers Clinch the MLS Cup

Liam Thropp, Staff Reporter

COLUMBUS, Ohio– The Portland Timber’s plan for last season was to attack on all levels, but they did not expect it to work so well and happen so quickly.

26 athletes-different countries, religions, beliefs- came together to carry home quite a trophy, the MLS Cup. Surpassing 19 other teams from across the nation they played a final expedition at Mapfre stadium to share it with the rest of Portlandia.

The Timbers have a few well-known accommodations that are brought with them in the event of a playoff. For starters, their traditional no-costume mascot Timber Joey attends all games, and certainly would not miss the final matchup. They also bring their doug-fir tree to ceremonially cut off a slab every time the team scores a goal, but the week of the matchup after being denied access to the stadium because chainsaws were not allowed to enter.

But to me, that is the best part of being in the Timbers Army. The cloud of sawdust hovering over our heads, the scream of the bearded men below leading the crowd, and watching Timber Joey meander around the stadium revving his chainsaw to the fans. It’s a celebratory ritual.

This excitement was stripped from them by Mapfre Stadium security, but the crowd certainly didn’t need it as much as the other team did.

Now obviously many did not attend the game, but the excitement from the game was given at multiple locations around  the Portland area, such as the Crystal Ballroom and more locally, the Lake Twin.

“The fans were screaming louder than ever and it was quite the experience to feel like being there”, said Tom Sepp, a Lake Oswego resident who is a die-hard fan for the Timbers. He sadly couldn’t attend the final, but still enjoyed the match.

The match was thrilling in the first half with two goals from the Timbers and one from the opposing Columbus Crew.

With the final whistle blown, all of Portland seemed to have erupted with cheer as the timbers hoisted the MLS  Cup with its utmost glory.

“The timbers have always had some really good players, but I never saw their true potential until this year”, said junior Bryden Auer, a spirited fan who went to multiple season games.

With a new notch on their belt, the Timbers have a confident future and a new taste for victory, leaving the fans in suspense for the upcoming season.