Yikyak Causes School Problems

Yikyak is a relatively new addition to social media. The app is completely anonymous and allows people to read and post based on their area, though it cannot be used at Lakeridge.

There is much controversy about Yikyak due to cases of cyber bullying.

“I don’t think much good comes out of a site like that,” said vice Principal John Park about the anonymity of Yikyak. He said that he does not see such a site having any socially redeeming qualities.

There have been cases of cyber bullying via Yikyak. According to FIRE.org, one college suspended a student for two years because of one of his posts.

International Business Times states that many schools have started banning the app due to cruel posts and reports of cyber bullying.

Park said that he is in the process of dealing with one case of bullying at Lakeridge and there are investigations underway.