Teachers Recall Their Days at LHS

Georgia Weeks, Staff Reporter


Take a trip on the time warp back to 1981: big hair, big shoulder pads, and even bigger Pacer Pride. There you’ll find Ken James, a math teacher of over 20 years who is one of the several current teachers at LHS who went to LHS back in the day.

“The gym was completely full for home basketball games, and kids actually used and decorated their lockers with Pacer gear throughout the hallways,” said James.

In the early years of LHS, there was no such thing as early release or late arrival. Nowadays, it is uncommon for seniors to get through the year without having at least a couple of empty class periods.

Along with James, there are several other teachers who went to school at LHS, including Jannell Cinquini and Neil Barker, history teachers.

“As a senior, I was very involved so now it’s odd to see no one showing up [for school] because of late arrival and early release,” said Barker on his experience of senior year compared to now.

These teachers all had several different high school experiences, similar to all students today.

Cinquini called her group of people she hung out with the “nerd herd”. Seeing that James has been awarded several awards for coaching Cross Country and Track at LHS before his retirement as coach two years ago, it is not surprising that James considered himself as a “jock.”

Similar to today at LHS, Barker says, “there were the stoners and everybody else: I was everybody else.”

LHS has gotten the rep ‘Bakeridge’; some things never change.

Still on the time warp trip, LHS had a bunch of cool electives, even a class called Building Construction where the students were actively involved building a house. James took the class for two years.

LHS originally had nine class periods in one day, and the class lasted for three periods in the afternoon.

“We built a house over off of Carmen Drive in Lake Oswego from the ground up.”

The house is still standing today.

Other electives included Electronics, Woodshop, Autoshop, Calligraphy, Stocks & Commodities, upper division business classes like Accounting, Modern Non-Fiction, Career Center, Home Ec, and Bowling; Bowling being Cinquini’s favorite along with Drama. Barker, graduating in ’87, recalls there being multiple art classes that were broken down into categories, like watercolors for example.

Flash forward to today and a lot has changed. Besides the obvious technology and social media, LHS has been dragging behind in the Pacer Pride department for the last couple of years. Last year, students rallied together to bring back the Blue Crew. Originally formed in the ‘90s, the Blue Crew consists of the most Pacer pride-filled people at all of the sporting events and games.

This year, ASB introduced the Lakeridge Game of the Week where everyone puts aside their own homework for a night of the week to get a big crowd at the game. Whether it is a freshman football game or the school’s musical, the crowds are always satisfying. This week the Game of the Week is Legally Blonde, showing on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, selling students tickets for $5 at the door.

LHS should join together to become the ‘family’ everyone has been talking about.

If you have a great time then you might not want to leave, just like Barker, Cinquini and James.