Mornings: What They’re Really Like

Nic Fernandez, Writer


The siren blares. Eyes open wide–filled with the fresh dew of dreams. Jump out of bed. Look down. Dear God I better put some clothes on. Sprint into the shower so fast Wiley coyote would be impressed. Shower water spurts out. Cold. Too cold. Cold enough to freeze Jack Frost. Wait, in painful agony until the water turns hot. Just try not to cry. As the water turns to warm slowly I awake from my slumber. Before this point only my limbs were awake. This is the start to every school morning.


Let us for a moment think of the reality of the average work week morning. Let’s examine it on a purely experience basis. What are they really? Just how bad are they? These are the questions that I will answer today. As well as give you a out-of-ten rating on the morning experience. Here are the reports on my in depth morning research.


No matter how old you are your old enough to over look the fact of life that are mornings. Most people go their whole lives without thinking about those trivial times. But they truly are the worst part of the average day. Even just their general sediment is terrible. Given the idea of forcing said person to wake from the land of dreams–where nothing is real and you reign, is just bad. Now, add to the fact of having to actually function during that hour of time before you head out the door is plain lunacy. Only a mad man could ever enjoy such a space. Morning people are either liars or they are so far removed from reality that they need psychological help. Morning people do the devils work.


I wake up every morning with enough gook in my eyes to fry a chicken. Usually sweating and deranged from a hard night of strange dreams I can’t muster out in words. Unable to communicate anything beyond a grunt. I truly feel like waking death. Mornings are the bane of my average day. At each 6:00 am hour every Monday through Friday starts another battle. It is a continuing saga of the war on mornings. I believe that the beast may have the upper hand. I am entwined in it’s cold steely grip. But someday I will win…someday I’ll come back. But for now; I suppose I’ll just have to bare through the treacherous times. While they still last.


Mornings get a 3 out of 10–only because true physical pain gets a 1 out of 10 rating.