Pacer Football

Because of numerous injuries to key players, the LHS football program has found themselves near the bottom of the state ranking in 41st place.

The latest game for the Varsity squad was the homecoming game against Sherwood High, ranked #2 in the state at the time. Although they lost by  27 points, many did not expect the Pacers to even do this well, and as a result the team moved up five spots in the state rankings.

Sophomore Cort Gerot had quite the encouraging statement about the season.

“We are 41st in state and we are very capable of being better and higher ranked than we currently are, we are getting better by the day” said Gerot.

The team has also implemented a new head coach to the program, Elvis Akpla.

“He is very dedicated and better than last year’s,” said Ian Gaekwad, a junior playing on the varsity team for his first year.

This team’s injuries have also their performance. Senior Quarterback Keaton Wood broke his ankle in the season opener against Grant.

“[It is] unfortunate that our quarterback is out in the first game. Along with that, our middle linebacker, Blake Kennon went down with a hamstring injury. Glad to have him back and healthy now,”  Gerot said.

As the season goes on Lakeridge will regain their powerful players that are currently out due to injuries and they claim that a big improvement will come with that.