New Students at Lakeridge


Because of the constant income of new students, the hallways of Lakeridge High are constantly changing. LHS gets around 100 new students every year. This year, 88 people have joined the Pacer family, and in the past few weeks, they’ve all experienced what it’s like to be welcomed into the school.

 Reagan Holmes, a sophomore transfer student from Jesuit HIgh, is both nervous and excited to be here at LHS.

 “There are a lot less rules, not a very strict dress code and there are a more variety of people from different places, and even countries. I also like that we get multiple opportunities, like electives and clubs,” Holmes said. She also expressed a lot of excitement about the football games.

Kate Lisle, a Lakeridge freshman coming from Lakeridge Junior High, is excited for her new experiences in high school as an official Lakeridge Pacer.  

“Not only am I with my friends from junior high, but I also made plenty of new friends that I didn’t know before,” said Lisle. She says that she likes the teachers at LHS a lot more as well, her favorite being science teacher Patrick Connolly because “he’s really nice. But he’s not the best at math.”