Is Spirit Week Truly in the Spirit?

Sophie Beriault and Katie Mahorney

Suspicious that Lakeridge High School’s longtime loved tradition of spirit week wasn’t as popular as everyone believed, dozens of students were interviewed to find out the truth.

The student body had been told that spirit week was celebrated by everyone, but based on observation, that fact didn’t seem to be true.

Despite the majority of interviewed students saying they wanted spirit week to continue, many of them didn’t dress up. Some just didn’t care.

“My favorite part of spirit week is that we get to all unify as a student body,” said Hedeeyeh Saberian, a junior who disagreed that people didn’t care.

“Even if the whole school doesn’t dress up, when some people do, it brings the whole school together,” said Isabel Melendez, a sophomore, who agreed that spirit week should continue.

Some days were more popular than others. In a survey of over 20 students, “Tie-Dye Tuesday” was a favorite with a vote of 10, which compared to “Wild West Wednesday” with 0 votes, was a flop.

ASB leaders choose the days for spirit week, and tend to base it off what the common student’s wardrobe consisted of. This year though, dressing up was trickier.

Perhaps the observation that no one was dressing up wasn’t based on the fact that the student’s disliked spirit week. But rather that the days didn’t correspond to what people had in their closets.