Another Victory for Pacer Volleyball

Abby Coleman and Grace Cohune

LAKERIDGE HIGH SCHOOL– Because of teamwork, the Pacer girls volleyball won all three matches at their home game against Tigard last week.

“When we win, I just think about how fun it is to play with such amazing girls and how we all work as a team to achieve the goal of winning,” freshman Addy Crawford said.

The Pacers won their matches 3-0 (25-15, 25-17, 25-20).

The crowd was roaring with spirit and  the intense match up with Tigard in the lower gym fueled the girl’s fire to win.

“I felt so excited I could finally play,” said junior Sidney Amos, who was out for a concussion. “The fact that it was home game made it so much more fun.”

This is not the first win for Pacer girls volleyball. The volleyball team has only lost one game to LOHS this year.

To prepare for their games, the team warms up by listening to pump-up music together and going through plays.

“We talk as a team about our goals and how we are going to win the match,” Crawford said.