LHS Launches Athletics App

Jun Davies, Writer

The idea for the new Lakeridge Athletic app started over five years ago when Lakeridge alumnus Ben Swinford came up with the idea to create an app that would allow fans to connect to each other at a sporting event.

Being on both the varsity football and baseball teams at LHS made him want to connect his sport and others to fans that would come and watch. Oftentimes, fans wouldn’t understand a call or play that would happen during a game.

He wanted to have an app that would be easy to use and would explain the game for those who didn’t know how the game was played.  Since app technology was just developing, this additionally prompted him to join the rapidly expanding field.

Five years later, his idea was completed. The LHS Athletic app was quietly launched on Twitter on Sept. 23 in the iTunes app store.

“It (the app) was created for one more avenue for communication,” said LHS Athletic Director Ian O’Brien.

He said there was no cost for the app and that it was sponsorship based.

Grimm’s Service down the road from LHS, was the sponsor for the app, with no cost from students or parents.

LHS Athletics App