Pacers go Polynesian

Georgia Weeks, Staff Reporter

Spirit week is finally here.  Each day is a different theme showing off your spirit for LHS.

Monday’s theme is More Style Monday. The rest of the week is Tie Dye Tuesday, Wild West Wednesday, Trill Hat Thursday and Floral Friday. Floral Friday also ties into the Homecoming football game on Friday night at 7 p.m. versus the Sherwood Bowmen, it is a tropical out followed by a festive luau and barbeque. Also at the football game, the crowd and all the Homecoming princesses will find out who will be crowned as Homecoming Queen.

Pacers of all ages will showoff Pacer Pride at the annual LHS Homecoming Parade Friday at 2 p.m. The float building party is Thursday after school in the circle outside of the art wing.

“Buy into the spirit! Don’t be too cool for school!” said ASB advisor Liz Murphy.

For the luau/dance Friday night tickets are available this week from bookkeeper Karon Beers.  Currently, it is $10 for the dance, $10 for the barbecue and $12 for both. They are also available directly at the dance for $12 for the dance, $12 for the barbecue and $14 for both.

One of these princesses will be queen!

The school is only selling 200 tickets to the barbecue, but dance tickets are unlimited.