Sweet Savanna

Sara Nyland, Staff Reporter

As a sophomore at LHS, Savanna Courtney-Durrett  doesn’t settle for halfway. “I’m exited for this year.” Says Durrett “Honors Chemistry and Biology are great, I’m a real science girl!”

While studies are a huge part of Savannas life so is family. Savanna and her family love the outdoors,” especially Sun River” says Durrett. Hiking, Biking and swimming is key bonding time for this family and there German Shepard mix Kuma. Who IS a member of the Durrett family. “Shes always there for me, shes so happy when I get home and that’s what I love so much about her.” Says Durrett. With her little brother Chance who is just three years behind her at the Junior High, she excited for his arrival at the highschool.

“I admire my parents so much!” Says Savanna “I admire how much they love each other.” Durrett’s mom grew up very privileged.  A brand new car when she turned sixteen. While her dad had a rough start, not only was he adopted but he also had a single mom who, of course loved and cared for him. According to Suvanna’s mom , Lea Durrett. It’s her perfect happiness.”

Savanna lives life the fullest,  shes loves to play on her JV2 team for high school who are going into this season with high hopes of winning games. Including Thursday game against Tualitin. Which was won 25:7. Go Pacers! “With most teams you feel out of sync, but with this team we could be running suicides and we could all still be having an amazing time.” Says Durrett. That’s a great quality to have within a group of girls.

With Sophomore year getting ready to flash by, Savanna is ready to take it on. With self control from those pesty cellphones. “More time for homework, and less time electronics!” Says Durrett.

With such an open mind there not doubt that Savanna is a one in the kind girl. Friendly, caring and joyous are all adjectives that represent Savanna. So go find her rommings the halls of LHS, and don’t be scared to say hi, because she’ll say it back!