Fall Musical: “Legally Blonde”

unnamedWith the arrival of fall, another musical is in the making. “Legally Blonde” opens Nov. 5, and it is a show of sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Andrew Ballnik, theatre teacher, stated that he is optimistic about the upcoming play and it being combined with being back to school.

“I have a really positive attitude about this play. They’ve been working very hard since before school started,” Ballnik said.

Incoming freshman aren’t a part of this major play, but have many opportunities to get involved for future productions or even backstage options. Ballnik said that talking to him is a helpful option for underclassman who wish to get involved.
Some of the main parts in this play are played by both under- and upperclassmen. Elle Woods is played by senior Caroline Haroldson. Emmett Forest is played by junior Elliot Woods. Warner Huntington lll is played by sophomore Griffin Catlett. Professor Callahan is played by senior Caleb Warden. Vivian Kensington is played by senior Abby Spear.

Due to the hard work of the cast, which started rehearsal two weeks prior to school, this show should have a good turnout.
Tickets can be purchased at pacer-drama.org for $5, however they are not yet on sale.

If you enjoyed the movie “Legally Blonde”, then you are most likely going to enjoy the plot with the addition of the familiar faces of fellow Pacers.