Game of the Week


Logan loves sport

Ryan Moll and Wesley Wells

Every year, athletes complain about their teams not getting enough attention. Big sports like football and basketball often benefit from huge crowds while exotic sports like water polo and tennis often suffer from a lack of attendance, a lack of attention- just a general lack of hype. This is understandable because students have commitments galore. Balancing AP classes, athletics, and making time for family and pets can be a handful and students can hardly afford the time to attend these games; especially when there are so many to choose from.

Game of the Week is a program to help rally support for these less emphasized sports. The idea is simple: every week, one game is chosen to be highlighted. Instead of trying to spread the spirit across all of these games, the focus will be on a single game with the goal of maximizing attendance. This way, instead of a water polo game getting three fans for every game, they’ll get a full crowd for a couple of games. This will also allow smaller sports to have crowds at games beyond just the civil war games.

“I go to girls lacrosse games regularly and there are usually about three other people there.” Says Liz Murphy. “The girls love the support even though they don’t get much of it.”

These students work really hard and clearly the support means a lot to them.

Games will be promoted through posters in the senior commons and occasional break assemblies to raise spirit and draw attention to athletes who deserve it.