Vacine Exemptions

Jamie Hamann

There has recently been a large controversy over whether or not children should be vaccinated during this flu season. Diseases are spreading everywhere, there has even been an outbreak of measles in Disneyland. Many people across the nation are giving various excuses for not vaccinating.

“The human body was created without knowing if vaccines were going to be available,” said mother of three Nikole Schmidt. “My children aren’t vaccinated, and they are fine. They have a healthy diet and they have never had any disease.”

People still believe a disproved theory that vaccines are bad for you, but in reality they can only help. Doctors are extremely safe and make sure that the patient is fully able to receive the vaccine.

Many people are rejecting vaccines, even though there are outbreaks of disease.

“This can be dangerous, I know, but if I take proper care of my children and keep them healthy, I believe that they will stay healthy and not catch a disease,” said Schmidt.


Many religious people have also taken opposition to vaccines.