Is ASB Worth It?

Corina Pigg, Staff Reporter

Associate Student Body, called ASB, is one of the main groups where LHS goes hard on competitiveness. As a senior, this was my 3rd year being on ASB as a class officer. I understand the desire to win an election and the challenges it takes to do so; getting the signatures, making the posters and giving a speech in front of hundreds of my peers. Are the struggles even worth it?

ASB teaches many valuable lessons to use in everyday life, as well life after high school.

It has taught me how to interact with not only my peers but adults. It taught me to manage and multiply money, listen to other people, and how to delegate in better ways. Most importantly it taught me about what kind of person I am when it comes to the way I live life with others. Although it may seem as if anyone could plan and lead, leadership and management is a lot harder to do than it is said.

Without ASB, the school year would be pretty dull. There would be no spirit weeks, no break assemblies and games, no dances and our parents would have to spend a lot more money on our graduation. Plus our school wouldn’t give back to the community as much without all the philanthropy drives ASB puts together.

I strongly believe that any high school needs student leaders to take lead on planning school events and activities, because without it, it would mean a high school experience without the typical high school memories.

Although student leadership is a need, the LHS system of it may be a little flawed when it comes to the hidden roots. I don’t think it would be beneficial to shed light on the things that are not perfect in ASB, but I think it’s important to recognize that there is always room for improvement.

My advice for the future ASB members to come is to recognize and understand the purpose of having a student run leadership. It isn’t about popularity and power. It’s about the passion of serving others for the greater good. If you always look at it this way and treat your position with respect, than others around you will look at you say be thankful you were voted in.

No matter what, people will think of ASB as an elitist group of teenagers. I challenge all the new members to prove otherwise. Although even when you are in ASB and it might seem elitist at times, there will always be the people who are in it for the right reasons. So my second challenge is to the student body to think about this when you vote; vote for the people who will serve you genuinely.

Being on ASB was a great decision for myself and I am honored to have gotten the pleasure to serve my school. And just because you lose an election-I lost two-doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay involved and help in other ways. There are many opportunities for anyone to step up and become a leader and take on more responsibilities that help other people in life.

Lastly; stay humble, stay hungry.