The Walking Dead Season 6

Sara Nyland, Staff Reporter

With season five just finishing off, and season six coming close to blossoming. Amc has not yet announced the release date of “fear the dead” starting of season season six of the zombie or “walker” oriented show. Possible premiere dates would be in the month of october due to the simple fact, that’s when the past three seasons have aired. Which levels us roughly 165 days until Rick Grimes and company return.

“I’m looking forward to the sixth season, new suspense and of course little Carl might have himself a girl.” said Tyler Lancaster. “Which would be exciting.”

The “Walking Dead Family” which claims to be the most loyal family out there, claims no NEVER riot if there favorite character was to die.

“My favorite character is Daryl, because he is the coolest out of them all,” said Lancaster.”

“The show began with a great plot line and it’s continued that way throughout the seasons,”  said source Shon Martin. “They were overall very good seasons, plus the actors are well fit for their parts so that’s always a plus.”


“I like how Morgan Jones returned from short appearances in season 1 and season 3, I hope that he’s back for good, AND NOW IN SEASON 5!!!!!” Said Martin

“I like Michonne, because she has a cool sword.” Said Martin “,but my thoughts on my Carl are always negative.”

The Walking Dead family is ready for the sixth season, and so is the cast.