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Ryan Moll

Three years after its conception, the fishing club has grown into one of the most successful clubs at Lakeridge landing scholarships and going on big fishing trips yet nearly all of its growth has happened in the last few months.

The Club was started by Daniel Farthing his freshman year. It had a population of about ten students for the first two years but like many clubs, it met one time over those two years. This year however, the club was rechartered under new adviser, Patrick Connolly and since then it has taken off. The club has attained about 10 committed members who attend weekly meetings and regular fishing trips. The club meets every Thursday after school in Connolly’s room and schedules weekend fishing trips regularly. They’ve traveled to various locations across Oregon and are even planning a retreat this next month.

Member Sam Levin is involved in various clubs at Lakeridge and he says that fishing club is unlike any of the others, “For starters we catch more fish than the Mock Trial team,” Levin joked. “I love the club because it’s a chance for me to share something I love with other people.”

Not only is the club more successful than most with their frequent meetings and outings, but they also have landed numerous sponsorships with various fishing companies who have been generous enough to give them free and discounted gear, apparel, and lessons. The clubs most recent sponsorship was with H&H outfitters, a fishing company located in Forest Grove. A few members of the club drove out there with Connolly and got a deal in which H&H set up a Lakeridge Fishing Club shop on their website and part of the proceeds from that shop go to the club.

“I think it’s great that these companies are reaching out to the younger generations of fishers and making it easier for us to get out and get into fishing.” Said Levin.

If you’re interested in joining fishing club, It’s open to all skill levels. Just talk to a leader such as Daniel Farthing or Nick Eaton or Connolly to get started. Meetings are thursday after school.


To buy apparel from the Fishing Club’s store, visit the shop here: