Lakeridge Spain Trip

Desirae Lewis, Reporter

This year the Lakeridge Spanish department has decided that their annual two year trip will be to Spain.

Isabel Woodward, one of our school’s Spanish teachers says, “In past years we have gone to Costa Rica, but I feel that it’s good for students to see where the Spanish culture originated, Spain.”

The trip is every two years and this year it’s going to be on June 13 to July 6. It cost approximately $4500.

All Lakeridge spanish students who have passed spanish 2 are able to go. However, they also must be continuing in spanish. Woodward makes sure the students have an interest in the culture and that they are mature enough to get something out of the trip.

Woodward is excited to be bringing her two sons on the trip along with the 26 Pacer students and several other Spanish teachers.

Each Pacer with be roomed with another Pacer of their choice and together they will be staying with a host family. The two students will be picked up by their host families straight from the airport. The families know little to no English and they get paired with the families by the International Spanish School that the Pacers attend throughout the trip.

A typical day for the students while in Spain will start off with school at 9:30a.m. until 1:30p.m. The international spanish school tests each student into a level and you then take the class for three weeks of the trip. Other students from around the world also come to the school Woodward says, “We’ve seen students from France, Switzerland and Washington in the past.”

The school is to further advance each students spanish. However there are no tests and the homework, if any, will be something like a scavenger hunt.

After school students will go home to their host family and have down time before their afternoon excursion. Excursions may include sightseeing, beach trips or shopping trips. Some of the cities they’ll be traveling to include Madrid, Seville, Granada and Cadiz.

Woodward says, “The students favorite parts of the trip are often the beaches, being familiarized with the city and the chance to mesh with the culture. However this year while showing the slideshow for students attending Woodward says, “We showed the students a picture of a water park that we plan on taking them to and received numerous screams.”

The Lakeridge Spain trip is a once in a lifetime chance for students to improve their spanish and immerse themselves in the culture.