Walking Dead hitting the rocks for season 5

Sara Nyalnd, Staff Reporter

Days before the halfway mark of the 16 episode, fifth season of AMC’s the walking dead. There’s talk regarding the renewal towards the sixth season. With the leading five being such a huge outbreak, the sixth season has to break some record. Since season one the growth of views has shot up every year, whooshing everybody but their growth each season.

“I’m hoping that they re-introduce characters from the first season, so I’m hoping that bring morgan back.”  Says source Tyler Lancaster. “They’ve been giving subtle hints, I’m hoping that he finally comes back.”

“My favorite character is Daryl, because he is the coolest out of them all.” Says Lancaster.

“They had a good plot line, and always kept interested.” Says source Shon Martin. “They were overall very good seasons, plus the actors are well fit for their parts so that’s always a plus.”

“I like how Morgan Jones returned from short appearances in season 1 and season 3, I hope that he’s back for good.” Said Martin

“I like Michonne, because she has a cool sword.” Said Martin “,but my thoughts on my Carl are always negative.”