Top Selling Valentine’s Day Candy

Desirae Lewis, Writer

It’s a tradition for friends and loved ones to give sweet treats to one another. In a Brostrick article on the top selling Valentine’s Day candy of 2015, we’ve learned what has been given and received on this romantic holiday. This year’s top selling candy for Valentines Day is Mast Brothers Chocolate.

“I received one of these chocolate bars from my parents this year on Valentines Day,” said freshman Jamie Hamann. “The wrapper was adorable and the chocolate was delicious!”

The second top selling candy for 2015s Valentine’s Day was Cinnamon Red Hearts. “I didn’t get any Cinnamon Red Heart Candy for Valentines Day, but I’ve had them before,” said freshman Sara Nyland. “I’m shocked that they’re second for top selling Valentines Day candy because they’re horrible!” The third top selling candy is Russell Stover’s assorted chocolate mix.

“You can never go wrong with a box of chocolates,” said sophomore Paige Allie. Fourth top selling Valentine’s day treat is Whitman’s Sampler. “ I was hoping I could’ve gotten one of these this year because I got one last year and it was perfect!” said freshman Laney Hutchings. The last top selling Valentine’s day candy is the classic Conversation Hearts.

“I get these for Valentine’s Day every year. They’re more fun to read than they are to eat because the taste like chalk,” said freshman Aaron Park.

Whether you’re buying for a friend or a lover you can’t go wrong with any of these classic Valentines Day gifts!