Forecasting for the Future


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Cecilia Levinson, Staff Reporter

It’s that time of year again where students are starting to look ahead for their next year’s classes and their schedules: forecasting.

This is known to be both an exciting but stressful time for students and their counselors, but is something both look forward to.

Junior Bailey Huggins looks forward to getting new classes; however, says it can be stressful getting your top choices sometimes.

“It’s always something I look forward to, changing up my schedule and getting some new classes. However it can be stressful getting the ones I want. It’s always so busy with the counselors and the electives fill up fast,” said Huggins.

When filling out the sheet, each student carefully writes classes they find to be the best and think ahead while usually coordinating with their friends to do the same.

There is a new online process being set in place for forecasting this coming year. It is a program through Synergy called StudentVUE. Students will be able to click classes they want to take and the alternatives, in place of filling out the forecasting sheet, and then will meet with counselors one on one later to finalize their decisions. With this program, students will also be able to see course descriptions and see their schedule online, which will be time efficient and save a lot of paper.

Sophomore Laura Alterman plans on cautiously choosing classes and thinking ahead so she can do what’s required plus what she loves during her high school years.

“I want to take all the required art and ceramic classes and more to get into AP for both so I hope it works out, “ said Alterman. “I love art and want to do it all through high school, I just hope my friends will do the arts too.”

Students agree that some of the worst classes are the ones that are boring that you have to force yourself to get through, while the fun ones are interactive and ones where friends are involve like foods and nutrition, psychology or team sports.

“I’m a really big fan of Foods and Nutrition. It’s like a break from academics and I think that’s a good thing. I also just think there should be more health food classes taught in general,” said LHS junior Shelby Larson.

The administration and school board are in the process of passing new electives and classes here at LHS for next year as well. Some are Link Crew Leadership, Marketing II Entrepreneurship, Broadcast Journalism, Intro to Programming, and Computer Programming Projects. These classes may be offered next year; some are waiting on School Board approval, others are dependent on student interest.

The Class of 2016 is not going forecasting for “another” year but their senior year. Many are excited for planning out their flexible schedules and getting to pick and eliminate certain classes.

“The best part about forecasting for next is definitely going to be the flexible schedule I’ll get to have,” said LHS junior Riley Broderick, “I’m probably not going to have a full schedule but I still will challenge myself. I just am looking forward to it being easier than these last three years and I really want to take Psychology.”

Huggins is also looking forward to the freedom of academic flexibility and more free time.

“I’ve taken a lot of tough classes every year and have had a full schedule for the most part, I’m so ready to have flexibility and less stress,” said Huggins.

LHS students are excited and stressed about forecasting and next year whether an underclassman or going to be a senior and next year seems like something students are excited about.