Second Semester Seniors

Cecilia Levinson, Staff Reporter

It’s that time of year for our seniors. Class of 2015 are on their last few months of high school here at LHS and seem to have mixed emotions, but are overall excited.
With various plans across the board, they reflect on their high school experiences.

Mikey Truwherz plans on attending UO and enrolling in the architecture program in the fall. To him senior year seems pretty similar to all his other years of high school, besides being constantly reminded it’s your last year, and he likes the free time and he looks back on high school and says his biggest regret was the things he didn’t do, but also he’s learned that things don’t always happen.

“High school has taught me that things don’t always happen the way you want them to and that it is important to surround yourself with good people you can confide in,” Trueherz said.

Advice he would give to underclassmen would be to do what they feel and realize that this is only high school but also do your best school work so grades don’t limit the future. One thing he hopes to accomplish by the end of the year is to be on the wall of fame for snowboarding if the rules change, because as of right now snowboarders can’t be on it.

Another senior, Molly Cohune, hasn’t quite heard back from any schools yet, but does plan on attending college. To her high school seems like it’s gone by super quickly.

“Honestly it feels super surreal because thinking about my first day of freshman year feels like it was yesterday,” said Cohune. “The four years flew by so fast.”

Before Cohune finishes high school, she wants to make an effort to get to know as many people as she can so when reunion time rolls around she knows everyone. Her biggest regret in high school has been not getting involved enough in sporting events or extracurricular activities.

High school has taught her that nothing lasts forever and that friendships are the most important thing at the end of each day so value them because they make your high school experience. Advice she would give to underclassmen would be to get involved as much as possible and don’t be scared of trying out new things.

Another senior, Grayson Mullen, plans on going to UO or OSU next fall. To her being a second semester senior seems unreal, and that it’s all gone by so quickly. Mullen wants to get to know more of her class better before high school ends. She says her biggest regret is not reaching out enough and her biggest accomplishment is her team, because they are like a family she’s helped build.

“I love my team and they are what has made my high school experience, I want to reach out to more people though before high school ends,” said Mullen.

Advice she would give to the underclassmen is to have fun, because you’ll regret not taking chances later.

Although there are various types of options and emotions, each senior will be experiencing this spring, they are all very ready for college and that new chapter of their lives.