Blazer’s Ticket Prices

Camden Wulf

As of 2013 the Portland Trail Blazers of the 30 incorporated teams are the 13th most expensive team to watch in the NBA. With an average ticket price of $48.40 dollars for non-premium seating, the Blazers are a bargain compared to the New York Knicks, a large market team who charge an average price of $123.22 a seat.

However, unlike many other teams, the Blazers use a modified dynamic pricing system in order to determine ticket prices. This means that the price of tickets is highly flexible and responsive to both supply and demand as well as various external factors such as star quality and playoff status.

Due to it’s dynamic nature this pricing system allows the team to change the price of tickets as to maximize profits.

“I guess I don’t really have that much of an opinion but it would help if the ticket price would stay constant,” said sophomore Brandon Doblie.

Doblie, like many other high school students would like to have a more dependable pricing system so that if you weren’t sure if you wanted tickets and came back on a later date the ticket prices would be the same.