Athlete Superstitions

What defines an Athlete? Most would agree an athlete is measured in the sacrifices they make for the sport they love, the hard work they put in daily, the goals they set to achieve. Undisputedly, a true athlete is passionate about their sport. Although winning may not be everything to one athlete, another may disagree.

The desire to win can cause athletes to be superstitious. Just as one might get nervous if a black cat crosses their path and brings supposed bad luck, an athlete preparing for the game or in the game can’t afford bad luck. Senior Jack Daraee, a man who is passionate about his sport, baseball, has some simultaneously classic and unique superstitions.

“Well, I have a lucky pair of underwear I wear on game days…they have four-leaf clovers on them. Pre game I always listen to the song “Cartoon and Cereal” by Kendrick Lamar,” Daraee said.

Daraee continued on to describe a very heartfelt and personal superstition and ritual he has before he takes the field and before first pitch.

“I always say, ‘To the moon and forever, thank you Mema,’ up to the sky because my Grandma who I called Mema died right before I came to high school.” Daraee said.

Athletes all around the world have superstitions. Anyone who is passionate about the sport they play, dreams big, and wants to win will do whatever it takes to get to that place. Even professional Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, who holds the world record for both the 100 and 200 meter dash, has his own superstitions. Bolt was asked how he does it.

“I just imagine all the other runners are big spiders, and then I get super scared.” Bolt said to Cameron Tomarchio

Well, if that wins him the world record, seems reasonable. People may think superstitions in sports are unnecessary, pointless, stupid. But people who believe in themselves will do whatever they can do to achieve their athletic goals. Junior Kelly Landreth is superstitious when it comes to the 100 meter dash in Track and Field.

“I always chew gum during the 100 meter. Like always,” Landreth said.

It’s superstitions like these that seem silly, but to the athlete, it could be everything. It could be what puts them in that mindset, that zone. Landreth also participates in the long jump and revealed another secret to success.

“I wear the same socks every time I jump. They’re Pacer blue. Don’t worry. I wash them.”

Many athletes are superstitious when it comes to playing the sport they love. Whether it be a before, during, or after game ritual, athletes do what they have to do. Doesn’t matter if you’re a kid who just tried out for the track team, or you’re the fastest man in the world. It’s all about getting in the right state of mind, and being passionate about your sport.